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The region

A scenic island city with traditional colors, as the sea embraces her from three sides. The round side is overgrown and the trees reach the sea. The view to the Ionian Sea and sunset is magnificent. On the quayside the view of the city is in modern style, while in the center it maintains a narrow color with picturesque narrow streets, old houses and ruined mosques. The current name of the city is mentioned for the first time in the "Chronicle of Moreas". A long time ago, in the place of Preveza, existed an ancient city named Vereniki - a very important port in the era of King Pyrros, around the end of the 3rd century BC. Preveza successively conquered by Visigotthous, the Goths, the Bulgarians, the Venetians and Turks and was incorporated in the Greek state in 1912.

Preveza has many sightseeing worth while visiting, starting from the three Venetian castles, the churches of St. Nicholas and St. John, the iconostasis of St. Charalambos's church and the frescoes in the church of St. Athanasius. Certainly, the Venetian clock in the center of town, the Ecclesiastical Museum of Art, and of course the ruins of ancient Nikopolis, 7 km north-east of Preveza.

You can find many local products for your shopping hours, like early vegetables, tangerine drink, textiles, carpets, long-haired handmade blankets, embroideries and various decorative items.

Water sports and tennis, at the premises of large hotels and also fishing, swimming, hunting and camping.

Useful phones
Airport: 26820.22505, 26820.22355
Port Authority: 26820.22226
Tourist Police: 26820.89566